Why I haven't been doing Subs lately.
 Well, it's been over a month since I first got behind on subs. I am going to pick it back up, but probably not for a few more weeks, here's why:

1. I have a girlfriend who I'm kinda serious with.
While she likes Hetalia, I like talking to her. So I spend time doing that instead of subtitling. Sorry :(

2. Minecraft. 
Yes, that one thing I mentioned 20 times in one post that one time.... It's a time warp...like...thing. It's the kind of game that you sit down and say "Okay, just like a half hour of this, then I'll do stuff." Then 3 hours pass and you go "Aha! Finished exploring that cave!... Oh crap."

3. I'm working backstage at the school play. 
This is the main reason I'd say, but it's the main reason why I'm not starting up right now.  In fact, this just started the "One week before the week before show, HURRY" week. So I have it every day after school for the next two weeks or so.

So in short, I will get back to this, but give me some time.

If you want good news, I may have a personal translator beginning work with me so I can have both spaceinvaderdud's subs and this person's (she worked on Rumbel's subs way back). So special translations!!! Woo!!!!!

Yeah, just a status update. Thanks for not knocking on my inbox every few days asking "When's the new episode????".  It'll come. I promise.
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 This week's subs will probably be a bit late, the video file has a bit of a problem for me.

I'm posting it because if I've friended you, I probably think you care about this XD.

I'll try my best.

Why do I fansub?
As a first entry, I may as well make it relevant to why I'm on LJ.

Why do I fansub Hetalia?

Easy. I learned how to make(err... edit) GG's subs when making a dual-audio Hetalia 1-4 using YT rips. 

At that time, Rumbel was still subbing.  I had no use for this newfound skill.
About 2-ish weeks later, Rumbel hadn't posted a new video in at least a week. I saw that spaceinvaderdud was continuing to sub, so I PM'd him, and asked if he could give me his subs for the last about 3 episodes that Rumbel hadn't done, since the series had just been licensed.
He complied, and gave me the files. That is the beginning, and mostly extent, of our friendship. He's a supplier, and I mod his subs. It works for both of us.
I knew very little at the time about most anything sub-related. It took me a day or two to figure out how to make a hardsub, which was damn near demanded by jenjedichan, but made me a better fansubber.

I finally had a use for my newfound skill.
Now, why do I continue?
It's sometimes fun to do still, but after stuff like episode 37, I'm a bit burned out. 
However, Funimation just can't make a good looking sub for their life. If they did, I doubt I'd still sub.

I guess also I do it for the fans out there who like physical files and nice looking subs.
Yeah, that's about it. I don't want to get a cease and desist letter from Funimation, but as long as I don't get sued, it's fine if I do.
But, I did buy Hetalia season 1 and 2, along with Volumes 1 and 2. So I think it balances out. :)
Sorry for the dreary first post. It's better than the rant I was going to do XD


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